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School Partners

Community and External Partners

After School Matters (Link)

Bessie Coleman Aviation, Raspberry Pi, Striding Lions, & Tennis are the current programs housed at Brooks CP. These programs provide enriching opportunities for our students after school, further contributing to our mission "to ensure each student learns at high levels."

Happy Holiday Nursery (Link)

Whether it's to care for our garden, attend a play, or enjoy a performance of Shakespeare adapted for all ages, the children at Happly Holiday Nursery know they are always welcome here and our students take their role in their lives as mentors and role models seriously.

IMC Charitable Foundation (Link)

IMC has been an amazing partner, sponsoring school-based events like "Power, Poverty, and the Pursuit of Change," field trips to their offices for students interested in computer programming, and supporting our history-making marathon team! 

Roseland Community Hospital (Link)

The hospital has invited our band to play at community events and offer internship opportunities for our students.

South Side Help Center (Link)

Provider of comprehensive community preventive social services to individuals and organizations. Brooks' students have partnered in the center's Coat and Toy Drive for the last 3 years! 

Team World Vision (Link)

This spring, our marathon team will begin to practice for their third Chicago Marathon. Brooks was the first high school marathon team to run for Team World Vision, the largest non-profit that participates in the marathon to raise clean drinking water for children in Africa. Our students have raised over $10,000 each year!

The Kitchen Community (Link)

Thanks to a grant awarded by The Kitchen Community, Brooks currently has the largest CPS urban garden in the city! This ongoing partnership has and will continue to provide enrichment opportunities for our students around health, social justice, and even entrepreneurship!