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Videos about Brooks

Brooks' 2022-2023 Robotics Team (Spring 2023)

On their first-ever participation at the Chicago CPS Robotics Competition, Brooks' Robotics Team placed 10 out of 21 teams.

How Brooks Teachers Apply Illinois Learning Standards (Summer 2015)

Teachers discuss how their practice has changed from teaching notions to teaching skills which can be applied to the material students master.

Career Day 2015 (Spring 2015)

Every year, the Counseling Department at Brooks organizes a Career Day so that students get the opportunity to converse with professionals about their field of work.

Heroes in Disguise (Spring 2014)

Video by Moriah Dowd about the 2013 Marathon experience of Brooks students who raised thousands of dollars to bring clean water to African villages. 

Brooks City Garden (Spring 2013)

A video documenting the creation of large planters outside of Brooks, where students grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Who We Are (Spring 2013)

Video interviews by Moriah Dowd about Brooks. 

In the Hallways of Brooks (Fall 2013)

This video is a spontaneous journal creation by Moriah Dowd, a 2012-2013 sophomore at Brooks.

Discover Brooks! Video (Fall 2013)

Check out the video that delineate Brooks' values.