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(Note: Agenda and Meeting Minutes are posted at the bottom of this page. If the Local School Council is meeting remotely, you can join in by clicking here. In the Downloads section you will also find the results from the latest LSC elections - currently, for the 2022-2023 school year.)

Welcome to Brooks College Preparatory, one of the BEST high schools in the City of Chicago. My name is Jose Garza. As a Local School Council member, I am proud of our accomplishments and looking forward to another successful school year.

Brooks continues to trend greatness on a local and national level. To name a few successes, we proudly hosted President Barack Obama and the King and Queen of The Netherlands. With the guidance of our committed counselors, teachers, and staff members, our students’ scholarship offerings grew to $43 million last year. Our sports teams continue to grow and rein successes. All of our students engage in an annual citywide community service project in honor of Gwendolyn Brooks’ birthday. We can’t wait to delve into our achievements for this school year!

The Local School Council recognizes there are many challenges that face our school system today. With budget constraints, we are even more committed in supporting the entire Brooks’ community. Our schools’ mission is to help students reach the height of their academic potential and take an active role in understanding and influencing global change. You can help and have a role in supporting this "unit." Please join us at our LSC meetings, our Village of Brooks parent club meetings, and/or our Parent Advisory Council meetings to share your thoughts and ideas. Or, you can email me at [email protected]. I look forward to meeting and serving you as the Local School Council Chairman this school year.


LSC Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Brooks Library. (Please note exceptions for November and April) Everyone is welcome to attend. Check the Brooks calendar for specific dates.


Shannae Jackson
Teacher Representatives:
  • Catherine Yackee
  • John Famera
Community Representatives:
  • Anthony Beale
  • Evann Johnson
Non-Teaching Representative:
  • Barbara Ware
Parent Representatives:
  • José Garza, Chairperson
  • Kevin Jones, Vice-Chair
  • Veyshun Smith, Secretary
  • Moneca Gomez
  • Keny Patnett
Student Representative:
  • Talia Henderson