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Academic Center

The Academic Center (AC) provides an accelerated curriculum to middle school students who are ready for the rigors of high school-level coursework. Our 7th graders will be offered a 9th grade curriculum and the opportunity to earn high school credit. What makes the Brooks AC unique is our focus on personalized learning. Through this approach, students are able to encounter their learning at their own pace, receiving differentiated support and coaching from their teachers that leads to mastering content. This method of instruction ensures that students' academic needs are being met in a way that traditional schooling may not. Furthermore, under our standards-based grading system, students are being measured against learning standards to support them in mastering content and skills as opposed to receiving grades for participation and completion. This combination of personalized learning and standards-based grading within the rigorous curriculum Brooks is known for citywide, creates a deeply impactful learning experience for our Academic Center students.