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Photo of Tyrone and Alexander

January Dr. Howard Staff Member of the Month Award

January's students and staff picks for Dr. Howard Staff of the Month Awards were Mr. Tyrone Ento-Nichols, Security Guard and Mr. Alexander ...

A pie chart that represents how different aspects of improvement in 2016.

Our New Year's Resolutions Here at Brooks

Here at Brooks improvement is a very important thing we as a family should strive for. Just being a freshman here, I was interested in what the...

Photo of Dartonya Wright in front of slideshow at Board Options Exchange.

A Knack for Investments

On January 14, 2016, Dartonya Wright, from Brooks, was honored as the first place winner in the 2015 edition of The Stock Market Game.

Photo of Mr. Schroers

December's Nomination for Dr. Howard Award is Mr. Schroers

December’s nomination for Dr. Howard Staff of the Month Award was Michael Schroers

Photo of a Hallway

Arts Week Interview with Mr. Famera

Arts Week is a week where Brooks students as well as the teacher present all the different forms of art they have been working on (you can see a few...

Ms. Zayed's students flying hot air balloons made of tissue paper out in the football field.

Making Things Fly and and Float with STEM

Recently, I noticed an increase in the number of students in the hallways and outside, in the park around Brooks, doing science projects. I found...

Our counseling intern, Ms. Mulder.

What Should I Write in My College Essay?

Recently I decided to inteview Ms. Mulder to find out how to write a college application. Here is our interview: 

Photo of brick and stone school sign on 111th.

Open House!

Open House is Nov 14th, 2015.Academic Center 10am-12pmWe will offer two sessions. Both start in the auditorium followed by a tour of the building to...

Photo of the theatre club.

Brooks Club Fair

Brooks Club Fair was held today, October 28, 2015, in the Main Gym.