Movie Night Review

Fri, 10/31/2014
Flyer for Movie Night

Today, we met with Chandler Jones and we asked him a few questions about the event the National Honor Society organized at Brooks.

Gian Luca Ferme: How did these event came about? Whose idea it was?

 Chandler Jones: This event was brought to attention at the end of last year as the new members were inducted into the National Honor Society. Several members of the society each pitched in different parts of the event to create the idea. 

 GLF: How many people were involved?

 CJ: The entire National Honor Society society was involved in helping Movie Night be such a success.

GLF: How did you choose the film?

 CJ: The film was chosen through a series of movies on which the members of the society voted upon.

 GLF: What components did you guys prepare? (Movie, food, etc.)

 CJ: Members specially prepared the drinks where they mixed the fruit punch together. The pizza was ordered from Beggars, and the popcorn was made by a member of the society who understood the process of popping kernels from a popcorn maker.

 GLF: What are you raising money for?

 CJ: National Honor Society is raising the money for future scholarships that National Honor Society offers and also for the stoles that the members of the society wear on graduation night.

 GLF: How did it go?

 CJ: The event went extremely well. Set-up for the event started off a little slow, but we were able to pick up the pace and finish by 5:00 when students were beginning to arrive.  Based off feedback from the students after Movie Night ended,  they really seemed to enjoy the movie and being able to watch it with their friends. A lot of them did admit they were scared.

GLF: How many people showed up?

CJ: Around 160 students showed up to Movie Night.

GLF: Did you have special guests?

CJ: No, there were no special guests present.

GLF: Are you going to do another event of the type?

 CJ: Right now, it is uncertain if National Honor Society will be doing another event of this type, but we will be doing events in the future that contain school involvement.