Teacher Departmentsort ascending Class(es) Phone E-mail
Mary Cagney World Languages AS2 Dual Credit French (.5)-1, Dual Credit French , Honors French I, Honors French II, Honors French III and IV, HS2 French I-1, HS2 French I-2, HS2 French II-1, HS2 French II-2, HS2 French III-1, HS2 French IV-1, NS2 A008-8, SemS18 LDF Africa - Cagney 1, SemS18 LDF Africa - Cagney 2 773.535.9930 mccagney1@cps.edu
Nancy Castro World Languages Honors Spanish II CASTRO 773.535.9944 NCastro@cps.edu
Irma Garcia World Languages HS1 Spanish I, HS1 Spanish II, HS1 Spanish III igarcia1@cps.edu
Lynn Santoyo World Languages AP Spanish Literature, Honors Spanish III, Honors Spanish IV, Spanish for Native Speakers, Level 2 773.535.9930 LSantoyo1@cps.edu
Ana Baeza-Nunez World Languages Español 1, Días A y B , Español para Hispanohablantes , HS2 Spanish I-1, HS2 Spanish I-2, HS2 Spanish II-1, HS2 Spanish II-3, HS2 Spanish II-4, NS2 A902-2, SemS18 Latin Dance - Loera 1, SemS18 Latin Dance - Loera 2, Spanish 1 773.535.9930 acbaeza@cps.edu
Maddy Peterek STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) HS2 Inquiry Science I-1, HS2 Inquiry Science I-4, HS2 Inquiry Science I-5, HS2 Inquiry Science I-7, HS2 Integrated Math II-1, SemS18 Fict 2 Film - Peterek D, STEM-I, Volleyball Seminar 1, Volleyball Seminar 2 mkpeterek@cps.edu
Justyna Saltouros STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) HS1 Integrated Math I jsaltouros@cps.edu
Julia Ciciora STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) HS2 Integrated Math I-1, HS2 Integrated Math I-2, HS2 Integrated Math I-5, HS2 Learning Assistant Sci-3, HS2 Learning Assistant Sci-4, Integrated Math I, Integrated Science 1, NS2 A803-3, RS2 7th Inquiry Science I-1, RS2 7th Inquiry Science I-2, SemS18 AC Math Tm - Ciciora 2, SemS18 Learn Assis - Ciciora 1 jaciciora@cps.edu
Surjit Kaur Sandhu STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT), Gardening in the City Seminar1, Gardening in the City Seminar2 773.535.8563 SKaur@cps.edu
Lauren Dunning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Exploring Computer Science, HS2 Chemistry 3C (L.D.), HS2 Exploring Computer Science 5 (L.D.), HS2 Fundamentals of IT 5 (L.D.) 773.535.9930 LDunning1@cps.edu
Kara P. Wilson-Wang STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Exploring Computer Science, Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT), HS2 Inquiry Science I-2, HS2 Inquiry Science I-7 773-535-9930 ext. 26363 kpwilson1@cps.edu
Alexander Kmicikewycz STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Integrated Math 1, Integrated Science 1 aokmicikewyc@cps.edu
William Reed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) AS1 AP Environmental Science Per. 3 (A, D Days), HS1 Engineering Design, Per. 4 (A, D Days), HS2 Chemistry, Per. 1 (A, D Days), HS2 Chemistry, Per. 6 (B, D Days), HS2 Chemistry, Per. 8 (B, D Days) wgreed@cps.edu
Miriam Schmid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) HS2 Learning Assistant Math-13, HS2 Learning Assistant Math-5, HS2 Learning Assistant Sci-12, HS2 Learning Assistant Sci-14, NS2 7th AC Lab-1, NS2 7th AC Lab-2, NS2 A801-1, NS2 HS Algebra for MG-1, NS2 HS Algebra for MG-3, RS2 INS II-1, RS2 INS II-2, SemS18 Brooks Math Tm - Schm 2 mrschmid@cps.edu
Michael Schroers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) 773.535.9930 MCSchroers@cps.edu
Christian Carstensen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) HS2 Inquiry Science I-2, HS2 Inquiry Science I-3, HS2 Inquiry Science I-6, HS2 Integrated Math I-4, HS2 Integrated Math I-6, Inquiry Science I-2, I-4, I-6 (Carstensen), Integrated Math I, SemS18 Learn & Mot - Carsten 1, SemS18 Learn & Mot - Carsten 2, Technology and Ethics (Seminar - Carstensen) 773.535.9930 cacarstensen@cps.edu
Aurora Tyagi STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) AS2 AP Physics 1 Extended-1, AS2 AP Physics 1-1 773.535.9930 AETyagi@cps.edu
Conrad Gordon STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) 773.535.9930 cegordon2@cps.edu
Young Im STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Exploring Computer Science, Fundamentals of Information Technology (FIT), HS2 Fundamentals of IT-1, HS2 Fundamentals of IT-2, HS2 Fundamentals of IT-3, HS2 Fundamentals of IT-4, HS2 Fundamentals of IT-5, NS2 A001-1, SemS18 Gardening - Sandhu 1, SemS18 Inter FthClt - Sandhu 2 yim@cps.edu
Denise Long, PhD STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) AS2 AP Computer Science Prin-1, HS2 College Algebra-1, HS2 Pre Calculus-1, HS2 Pre Calculus-2, HS2 Pre Calculus-3, SemS18 Web Design - Long 1, SemS18 Web Design - Long 2 dllong@cps.edu
Lina Zayed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Projects in STEM (Zayed), STEM II Science (Zayed), STEM Trig/ Precalc ( Zayed) lzayed@cps.edu
Matthias Jamison-Koenig STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) 773-888-3646 mpjamison@cps.edu
Matthew Mrozek STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) HS2 Integrated Math I-3, HS2 Integrated Math II-5, HS2 Integrated Math II-8, HS2 Learning Assistant Math-8, HS2 Learning Assistant Math-9, NS2 A804-4, NS2 HS Algebra for MG-2, NS2 HS Algebra for MG-4, SemS18 7th Mentor - Mrozek 1, SemS18 Math Matters - Mrozek 2 mmrozek@cps.edu
Ronkia Jones Special Education HS2 United States History-2, NS2 A905-5, S2 American Sign Lang I-3, S2 Biology-3, S2 Chemistry-3, S2 Civics-3, S2 Creative Writing-2, S2 Earth & Space Science-2, S2 English I-2, S2 English II-3, S2 English III-3, S2 English IV-3, S2 Environmental Science-2, S2 Integrated Math I-2, S2 Integrated Math II-3, S2 Integrated Math III-3, S2 Integrated Math IV-3, S2 Physics-3, S2 World Studies-3 rcjones1@cps.edu
Shelita Brown Special Education HS2 English II-2, HS2 English III-2, HS2 United States History-1, NS2 A007-7, S2 American Sign Lang I-2, S2 Biology-2, S2 Chemistry-2, S2 Civics-2, S2 English IV-2, S2 Integrated Math II-2, S2 Integrated Math III-2, S2 Integrated Math IV-2, S2 Physics-2, S2 World Studies-2, SemS18 Brooks Best Buddies Dbl 773.535.9940 SLBrown3@cps.edu
Denise Singleton Special Education NS2 A907-7, S2 American Sign Lang I-1, S2 Biology-1, S2 Chemistry-1, S2 Civics-1, S2 Creative Writing-1, S2 Earth & Space Science-1, S2 English I-1, S2 English II-1, S2 English III-1, S2 English IV-1, S2 Environmental Science-1, S2 Integrated Math I-1, S2 Integrated Math II-1, S2 Integrated Math III-1, S2 Integrated Math IV-1, S2 Physics-1, S2 World Studies-1 773.535.3943 DSingleton1@cps.edu
Steven Mullooly Social Studies AP United States History, AP Microeconomics 773.535.9930 spmullooly@cps.edu
Catherine Clark Social Studies AS2 AP United States History-1, AS2 AP United States History-2, HS2 Learning Assistant Soc-1, HS2 Learning Assistant SS-2, NS2 A108-8, NS2 Modern World-1, NS2 Modern World-2, SemS18 Hist Warriors - Clark 1, WHAP! World History Advanced Placement 773.535.9930 CARoland@cps.edu
Melisa Campos Social Studies AP United States History, Food and Culture (Seminar) - Campos, Honors Sociology (Per. 1, 2, 3), HS2 Learning Assistant SS-15, HS2 Sociology-1, HS2 Sociology-2, HS2 Sociology-3, NS2 A304-2, NS2 Early World-1, NS2 Early World-2, SemS18 7th Mentor - Campos 1, SemS18 Beauty Budget - Campo 2, SemS18 How To Adult - Campos 1, Sociology , World Studies 773-535-9930 mcampos32@cps.edu
Domenicos Kosteris Social Studies 773.535.9930 DKosteris@cps.edu