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AP USH (276101A)
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1, 5 & 8

4 Standout College Essays: Work, Money, & Class


America & WW1

2016 DBQ


Chicago 1968



Civil Rights: Dorothy Counts          Elizabeth Eckford        The Problem We all Live With         


Vietnam: Lyndon Johnson



What do you think is the most important problem facing this country?


Insurance Policies: Slavery


Model UN: Gambia PREP PAGE    


1. Task: Summer Assignment (FIVE DOCUMENTS)    (TWO  summer Reading resources are  listed underneath)

2. Reading Resource: Eric Foner: Give Me Liberty  (download time: depending on connection, it might take 1-3 minutes to fully download)

3.  Reading Resource: Kaleidoscope of Early America   


Link #1:  Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty



Link #4: Newberry Collection



 AP USH HIPPO                HOW TO TAKE NOTES PDF        STEAM: MC     BAGPIPE   Clear Writing   Active Verbs     DBQ Rubric    LRE Rubric


1. http://college.cengage.com/history/us/bailey/american_pageant/11e/studen...

2. http://faculty.polytechnic.org/gfeldmeth/quizzes.html





1. John Green

2. JocZ


Period 1&2: 1491-1754: Encounters & Colonization

Course Introduction

1. Class Survey: Introduction Forms    

2. Growth Mindset    Learning Myth

3.Lunch Room Fight

 4. HTS




a. Summer Task(TOP OF PAGE): Native Americans prior to Columbus, European & Native American: Clash & Interaction 

b. Images:  Map   Map#2    IMAGE PACKET (DOWNLOAD SECTION)     Tom Lovell Image    Lovell #2

 c. Cahokia

c. Secondary Sources:  Mann Reading: 1491       Axtel (go to download section above)         Edmunds

 d. SAQ: Model   Richards         #1   #2    #3

e. Primary Sources


B.  Three Worlds Meet: Change & Exchange-- Transatlantic Conquest

1. Meaning of 1492    Columbus DBQ      Bucket

2. Contact:  Spanish    Spanish, French, & English  Spanish chart

3. Spanish Native American



A. English Colonies: Origins to Development

1.  Native Americans & English:  Charles Mann: Jamestown

2.   Two Colonies Powerpoint: Virginia (Chesapeake) & Massachusetts (New England) 

 Ship List    Organizer    Analysis     Sample Introduction      Puritan Mindset

3. Development & Values   Middle colonies   Southern Colonies Great Awakening   Commoners


B. Relationship with Britain: P.I.G. Actitvity: Mercantilism, Salutary Neglect, Navigation Acts, New England Dominion


 C. Development of Slavery/ Tension

1. Engendering Racial Differences 

2. Anthony Johnson at court    Anthony Johnson

3.  Slavery Activity

4. Stono

5. Chesapeake

6. 1970s Alabama Textbook



D. Articles & Source Activity

1. Edmund Morgan: Puritans & Sex

2. Alan Taylor, Colonies

3. Kathleen Brown Engendering Racial Differences


Summative Exam: Period 1 & 2: MC, SAQ, LRE  



Due Date: 
Tue, 09/03/2013
Period 3: Reinventing the World: 1754-1800

I. Causes of the American Revolution: Why did happy English subjects rebel?

1. French & Indian War    Organizer    Sample Body

2. 6 Historians Views   6 organizers

3. Acts    Recipe for Rebellion

4. Boston "Massacre"       Ferguson/ Boston   Boston "Massacre" Images


II. Was it a Revolution?: Winners & Losers

1. 4 document set: Contextualization     Common Sense   

2.  1776: Turning Point?   

3. Alan Taylor American Revolution Book Review 

III. Articles to Constitution

1. Articles of Confederation: Shay's Rebellion  Graphic Organizer    Compare to Constituiton   Reading   Practice thesis   Constitution SAQ

2. Federalists vs. Anti-Federalist:  #10  2 views    Jefferson & Hamilton  Graphic Organizer   Constitution & Slavery: Support/ Refute  YBTJ

3. Washington Presidency

 4. Synthesis:  Looking back, looking forward, looking elsewhere, or another aproach(GSPRITE) NY Times article


Summative: MC, SAQ, LRE

 Video Supplements: John Green Crash Course Videos 5-9

 Download Section: Period 3 Framework & Vocabulary


READING:  A Motley Crew in the American Revolution

READING: George Washington & The Use of Power

Due Date: 
Sun, 09/21/2014
Period 4: Ideals of a New Nation, 1800-1848

I. Empire of Liberty: 1800-1828

1. Jefferson Republic:  3 Candidates graphic organizer Empire of Liberty Securing the Republic:  1790-1815  Race Shifting     James

2. Foreign Affairs:   Barbary Pirates   War of 1812   Treaty

3. Marshall Court & Nationalism: 1800-1824      Marshall Court Cases: Factions & Role of Federal Government          Model Example

4. Era of Good Feelings?  Graphic Organizer


II. Democracy in America: 1828-1848

1. Jackson

a. DBQ:   John    Davy Crockett      SAQ

b. Election of 1828      

c. Trail  of Tears Compare & Contrast:  Choices

d.  Jackson $20  Bill

e. Graded Discussion


2. Market Revolution Reading    

a. Graphic Organizer: Market Revolution   Irish Immigration(download section)   Railroad Poster    Buckets 

b. Market Economy Documents:  Eli Whitney  Jackson Election Ticket  Slave Dealer Advertisement   Harriet Robinson

 c. Market Revolution Primary Sources   


3. 2nd Great Awakening & Reform: Overview

4. . Peculiar Institution & Abolition: "To agitate the hearts of tyrants"

A.  Evolving Historians Views on the Peculiar Institution

B.   Abolition Background Reading      b.   The Half That Has Never Been Told Book Review      c.    Gilder Lehrman Essay  

C. ABOLITION DOCUMENTS: STRATEGIES & CHALLENGES  (a) Garrison   (b) Visual     (c). Challenges to Abolition  (d) Slave Reciept (e)  "The Meaning of July Fourth": Frederick Douglass (Edited)

D. How efffective is Propaganda? A Mother's Anguish (located in download section above, pg. 3)

e. Cotton Empire


4. Reformers & Women: Re-Defining True Womanhood

a.  Cult of Domesticity Reading     b.CULT OF DOMESTICITY  Primary Sources: Read Document 3 & 4

 C. Temperance (download section above)


III.  Summative Preparation: America 1800-1848

a.Review Sheet

b. American Democracy


Due Date: 
Sat, 10/18/2014
Period 5: America 1848-1877: Tension, Turmoil, & Transformation

I. Tension: Causes of the Civil War


1. Manifest Destiny

a. Powerpoint: Download section

b. American expansion: 170 years of Expansion

c. John Gast American Progress Painting         Website to edit image: Thinglink   

d. Manifest Destiny Causes: Was America justified?    

e. Manifest Destiny: Sectional Conflict

f.  Primary Document: Commodore Perry at the Loo Choo Isles



2. Sectional Division

a. Manifest Destiny: Poison Apple Quote      Is compromise Always possible?   Alabama Textbook

b. Sectional Division: Northern Complicity  Illinois Black Codes -Timeline (CCOT)    

 c. Justified/ Not Justified debate:  Union Family        GIP

d. Is it Ever Right to break the Law?:   John Brown      Taney Court

e.  Documents: Causes   2 Docs


II. Civil War: Turmoil

a. A New Birth of Freedom: The Fiery Trial: Lincoln & The Civil War     

b. On to Liberty    Who freed the slaves?  Background Essay    Graphic Organizer  Primary Documents   

c. Lincoln : a. Know Nothing.b.  Lincoln to Northern Christians c. Gettysburg Address  d. 2nd Inaugural Address

 d. America Needs a National Slavery Monument

III. Reconstruction: Transformation 

1. Images:   a. Winslow Homer Painting          b. Freedpeople, Richmond, 1865        c.   And not This Man?    

d.Atlanta University (Class of 1903)          e. Barrow Plantation   

2. Radical Reconstruction: Comparing Plans & Timeline

3. SAC: How successful was Reconstruction? : Inquiry Questions

 4. Secondary Source Reading: Evaluate Zinn

5. SAQ   #1     #2 

6. Consider: a. Colfax Massacre  b. Colfax Massacre Book Review    c. Jourdon Henderson Letter 

d. Nast Cartoons                                 e. Epilogue                                          f. Great Migration Series Panel #1  

g. NYT: Racial Bias


IV. Summative

a. 1 pager

b. Secondary Source Reading:      1. What Caused the Civil War?  Edward Ayers     2. Reconstruction: The Revolution that Failed, James MacGregor Burns

c. Smackdown

Due Date: 
Fri, 11/28/2014

Unit 6 Terms to Understand  & Notes (Powerpoint uploaded above in Download Section)



I. Industrial & Agricultural Revolution

1. First vs. Second Machine Age: Are Robots outsmarting us?     Article: As Robots get smarter

2. Gilded Age Images: CCOT (in download Section)

3. P.I.G. : Industry

4. Image: Joseph Keppler, “The Bosses of the Senate

5.  American Wealth      Robber Baron or Captain of Industry  Night Shift

6. Labor Strike: Homestead Steel  & Pullman Strike  & Pullman Organizer     Pullman Historic Monument   Obama & Monument 

Pullman Future      Pullman Positioning


II. The West

1. Debate Turner Thesis

a. Painting: Among the Sierra Nevada        Agricultural Revolution     Documents & Essay     Chief Joseph Speaks

b. Challenge of/to Assimiliation:  i. Chinese Exclusion Act    ii.Boycott   iii.  Las Goras Blancas, Nuestra Platforma  (pg. 234-235)    iv. Dawes Act   v.  Educating the IndianFrank Leslie

2. Election of 1896 Poster: Populists

3. In the Shadow of Wounded Knee

4. Lynching in the Southwest


5. Pioneer Women


III. Urbanization: City of Hope, Frustration, & Reform

a. Immigration: Building Communities       George Washington Newport   Night Shift

b. Urbanization:   Chicago, 1900         Sadie Frowne

c. Gilded Age S.P.A.W.N. 

 d.   Lewis Hines Images


IV. The New South/ Jim Crow Origins

a. Slavery by Another Name       Literacy Test    Louisiana Literacy       Strange Fruit    Lynching Article: NY Times

b.  Agency document Analysis      

c.  Atlanta Compromise: Role of Audience      graphic organizer

d. The Doll

e. How new was the New south? Jim Crow Origins Pamphlet


V. Period 6 Summative Assessment

a. LRE Essay Questions

b. Reviews: a. Pageant Chapter 24-26, Jim Crow Reading,    b. Videos:   Crash Course (videos: 24-27)     Gilder Lehrman (unit 6)    Pageant 

c. Practice Quizzes: Near the top of this  class website


d. Writing Workshop: Thesis, Analysis, Synthesis Activity: Cooperation, Competition, Violence, Frustration, Reform

Unique Regions Connected   1865--1898  CCOT Practice



Due Date: 
Mon, 01/05/2015
Period 7: America, 1890-1945, Facing Global Challenges

I. From Progressivism to the New Deal: Role of Federal Government in an Industrial Capitalist Country

Overview: Gilder Lehrman   

 A. Progressive Era (1890-1919)

1. Readings: Gilder Lehrman: Go to Essays (near bottom): Politics of Reform, The Square Deal, Women & The Progressive Movement

2. Context: Triangle Shirtwaist fire   View of Immigrants: Race Suicide     Ludlow Massacre   Warmth of Other Suns

3. Jacob Riis Images   Lesson   

4. If you had a million dollars  (Document C: Jane Adams)    Woman's Suffrage    Suffrage ppt. (download section)       Anti-Suffrage 

New Women of the 1920s

5. Progressive Speed Dating Task


B. New Deal

1. Depression: Background  Essay       Are you a liberal or a conservative poll?       Mr. Betts Classroom

2. Thinking about the role of the Federal government?    

 3. Social Security

New Deal Documents


2. Images: Unpublished Black history Tank Man  Daley   Lange Powerpoint   Lange's Migrant Mother  

3. Dust Bowl: Mother Nature or Man Made   Background (above in Download section)    Documents  

4. New Deal Reading  #1  #2     

5. New Deal SAC: Support, Modify, Refute

6.   CCOT: Progressivism to New Deal: Profound Domestic Challenges & Proper Degree of Government Expansion

7. Summative: New Deal DBQ

John Green Videos:: 34 & 35: Great Depression & New Deal  

New Deal Reading  #1  #2  


II. Culture Conflict: 1920s

1. Story of US     Women Suffrage        1920s DBQ  Modern Temper

2. Culture Conflict:  PIG   1 Minute Smackdown       Advertisement  #1    #2 

3. Synthesis:  a. Great Migration Article  (Hughes  McKay   Chicago  1919 Race Riot)        b. Americans 1930s     c. Mexican Americans (1930s-1940s)  #1   #2

 4. Immigration Debate: Un-American   Shut the Door

 5. synthesis?: 2010s&1920s

III. Becoming a World Power: 1890-1945


A. Imperialism

1. 2 poems: White Man's Burden   United Fruit Company

2. Politcal Cartoon:  Yawp Images    Packet     For the Boys    School Begins Zoom in    School Begins (one to uploadThinglink

 3. Primary sources: Roosevelt 

4. Debate Pamphlet

5. Zinn: Empire & the People

 6. Anti-Valentine's Day Card



1. Reading  &  Powerpoints: link : LOOK for her Powerpoint & Reading on WWI

2. American Entry:  Wilson War Message   Propaganda Posters

3. League of Nations Debate

4. 1919: War at home: Clear and Present Danger   Palmer Raids,      Chicago 1919   Espionage & Sedition Act

5. Chicago Race Riot


C. WWII: Turning Point Abroad & at Home    WWII in Photos

1. Turning Point Abroad:   Foreign Policy   Pearl Harbor/ 9-11   Atom bomb (download section)  Voice  Images (download section)  BBC videos 

Falling Sun

2. Turning Point At home:   4 Freedoms    Testing the Four Freedoms   Zoot Suit  Riot    America & the Holocaust  Women

 3. Propaganda Posters: Civil Liberties & Civil Rights During War: Should they be limited?: 

Speech  Service    Japan   African American   Women


IV. Summative: MC, FRQ, SAQ

2. Terms

3. Online Resources: Review the Class Website, Class Handouts

4. John Green Videos


Due Date: 
Sat, 02/07/2015
Unit 8: Cold War, Civil Rights: Prosperity, International Responsibility, & Struggle to live up its ideals

I. Cold Origins                

1.  Metrics of Mass Destruction    Nuclear Football    Obama Quote

2.  Cold War & Global Hegemony: Melvyn Leffler   Two Cows    Responsible   Containment


II. 1950s: An Affluent Society Living with Anxiety

1. 2nd Red Scare: SAQ

2. 1920s & 1950s    Baby boom   1950s Documents    Backyard Pool   1950s Conformity? Images

3. Videos: Crisis in Levittown    A Date with your family  Boys Beware

4. Civil Rights: Turning Point   Rosa Parks  

 5. Ike Foreign Policy      Military Industrial Speech


III 1960s  Graphic Organizer

 1. Liberalism: Great Society   Poverty Today     Cuban Missile Crisis   Growth of Welfare State: Graded Discussion

2. Civil Rights:  Certain Kind of Fire    Emmett Till  SNCC    March on Washington       Birmingham   Black Power   Ballot or Bullet

King In Chicago            10 Point Program              Human Rights Revolution     Documents

Capturing & effecting a Historical Events:   Dorothy Counts   Elizabeth Eckford    The Problem We All Live With   Lewis Hines

3. Video DBQ

4.Youth:      New Left          New Right        60s POV Project

5.  2nd Wave Feminism  

6. Vietnam:   Tonkin   Anti Vietnam Organizer    DBQ & Powerpoint (download)   SAQ

 7. Chicago, 1968

8.   Everyday People   Inner City Blues


IV. 1969-1988: Conservative Resurgence 

 1.   New Right   

2. 1970s   Image 

3. Reagan Presidency   DBQ   HIV/ AIDS: Striving &Thriving

 4. Public Trust in Government: 1958-2015

V. Summative: 1945-1980

Due Date: 
Sat, 03/21/2015
Period 9: America in the Digital Age

1. Gilder Lehrman 

2. End of Cold War    Tank Man        HIV/ AIDS: Striving &Thriving

3.  Economic Transformation

4. Foreign Policy:   Cheney & Powell     Bush Doctrine    

5. Terrorism: 9/11  Civil Liberties  Wars   

6.   Election of 2008

7. Environment

Due Date: 
Sun, 04/19/2015

1.  Frameworks: Download Section

2. Vocabulary from Framework: Download Section

3.  Learnerator: Register, upgrade ($) for more questions

4. Review Packet

5. Video:  JocZ Production:  Has concise videos on each period, and 11 minute video: Unit 1-4 (half the course)   Gilder Lehrman,  John Green   Pageant 

6. Activities:   a. March Madness    b. LRE Essay Questions    c. GIP/PIG    d. 6 Degrees   e. Context  f. CCOT Practice   g. Turning Point Practice  

7. American Presidents Powerpoint (go to download section)

8. LRE Oral   Rubric

Due Date: 
Sun, 03/22/2015
Unit 10: Post Exam

1.Constitution Unit

2. Hall of Fame

3.  College Applications

a. Essays about work & Class that caught a College's Eye

b. Students & Money In Their Own Words

4. Class Survey

Due Date: 
Fri, 05/22/2015
AP United States History